Elizabeth Moore has worked on anti-racist films, multimedia educational initiatives, and contributed to textbooks and a government report in an effort to educate people about the dangers of hate groups. Her most recent film, In God’s Keeping, is a personal exploration of her past as a Heritage Front spokesperson, and her possible future as a convert to Judaism. Elizabeth is currently exploring new ideas and developing avenues to continue her educational and artistic endeavors. If you would like to collaborate, please contact her!

PUBLICATION: Book chapter. (Details forthcoming).

WEB RESOURCE: (In development. Expected launch, summer 2019).

PANEL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE MEMBER: Stolen Childhood, Stolen Identity: The Lasting Shadow of Jewish and Indigenous Traumas. Enhancing Social Justice in Education Committee. Holocaust Education Week, Toronto, November, 13, 2018.

PUBLICATION: Calling out hate groups doesn’t ‘give them oxygen’ — it prevents the hate from festering. Elizabeth Moore. Maclean’s Magazine, August 8, 2018.

PUBLICATION: Alexandre Bissonnette’s loved ones missed the signs. We can’t make that mistake again. Elizabeth Moore. Maclean’s Magazine, April 20, 2018.

PUBLICATION: Deradicalizing Racist Extremists. Elizabeth Moore. Educational brochure for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General 2018 Hate Crime Training Conference. March, 2018.

Elizabeth Moore in Darchai Noam exploring Judaism and anti-racism
Elizabeth Moore in In God’s Keeping

DOCUMENTARY: In God’s Keeping. Directed by Elizabeth Moore. April, 2011.

Anti-racist school text book on hate crimes.
Elizabeth Moore contributed a chapter to this textbook.

PUBLICATION: Turning Away from Hate. Societal Issues Firsthand: Hate Crimes, edited by Laurie Willis. Greenhaven Press (Imprint of Thomson Gale), 2007.


PUBLICATION: In Her Own Words: Confessions from a Former Neo-Nazi. Philosophy in Action: Teacher’s Guide, edited by Wayne Sproule. Fitzhenry and Whiteside. 2004.

PUBLICATION: Competing Perspectives: Does the Heritage Front organization promote hatred in Canada? Yes: Elizabeth Moore: Her Story, In Her Own Words. Transitions in Society: The Challenge of Change. Edited by Colin Bain, Jill Colyer, Dennis DesRivieres, Sean Dolan. Oxford Canada, 2002.

White Lies, starring Sarah Polley.
White Lies is based on Elizabeth Moore’s life.

FILM CONSULTANT: White Lies. Directed by Kari Skogland, CBC Television, March 29, 1998.

PUBLICATION: Exposing the Lie: Responding to Hate Groups in our Community. Commissioned by the Queen’s Human Rights Office and The Social Issues Commission. Anti-Racist educational brochure. September, 1997.

CONSULTANT: Heritage Front Plan of Action Anti-Racist Meeting, Queen’s AMS, Queen’s Hillel, Kingston Police Department, September 1997.

PUBLICATION: Elizabeth Moore: Her Story in Her Own Words. From Marches to Modems: A Report on Organized Hate in Metropolitan Toronto. Commissioned by the Access and Equity Centre, The Municipality of Metropolitain Toronto. January, 1997.

PUBLICATION: On Racial Hatred. Elizabeth Moore, The Queen’s Journal, October 3, 1995.